Friday, August 14, 2009

If this was the last time

Today (I think, using the term in that mixed hemisphere confusion kind of way) is the 1 year anniversary since Nie Nie (one of my favourite bloggers), her husband Christian and their friend were involved in a terrible accident. 

Nie Nie, Christian and their family have inspired me so much since reading their story...Stephanie's blog is here if you want to read more. In short, there was a terrible light plane crash and both Stephanie and Christian were extremely badly burnt. Their friend Doug did not survive and I guess they continue on a long long road to recovery in so many ways.

Today Stephanie is hiking the Y (I say as if I know what that means) to mark the anniversary of the events that changed their lives in such an extraordinary way. She invited others to join her but being in completely the wrong hemisphere I couldn't quite make it to the Y. Instead I ran. I ran the longest I have ever run. In the fog covered hills, past brand new lambs, past the beach, past the point of my longest run so far. I ran inspired by this amazing woman who doubtless has days of unimaginable struggle but who has grabbed hold of everything it is to be alive. 

A while ago I heard a sermon by Shane Hipps about fasting and feasting. This was around the same time I began to read about Nie Nie. What is it to feast? Perhaps it is to FEEL everything as you might if it were your last time. If this were the last meal I ate I wouldn't scoff it down, I would want to EXPERIENCE every piece of it. All it is to LIVE. As I listened to this, I was running. I had just started again and it was a struggle. But I listened and I ran a little taller and I bounced a little more with every step.

I believe Nie Nie was a runner. I believe she will be again. But right now I guess that is one tiny part of what she has lost (If I could ever call losing the ability to move your body in some way without pain, or at all, tiny - only in comparison to incredible loss). Today, I thought about her courage, today I wanted to do something to mark it. The band in my knee started hurting, it makes me want to leave my leg bent all the time. It hurt, I won't deny that. But what I thought was fight on, fight on because you can, because this leg will unbend, because this body will, if treated right, do almost anything you want. You never know how long that will last. I want to TASTE it. So I choose to RUN and EXPERIENCE and LIVE. I want to do these things as if this is the last time. I want to run with more bounce in my step.

Nie Nie's gratitude at living builds gratitude in me. This is what they call inspired.

I ran just over 40k.


  1. This is my favorite post so far. You inspire me.

  2. 40K? Nie Nie would be so proud I'm sure. i so wished i could walk with her yesterday - she truly is inspirational... as you are too xxx