Thursday, August 13, 2009

You have to put up with the running posts too sorry...

Hey hey it's Saturday...well almost. This week was an "easy" running week (easy weeks involve a lot more running than they used to). far I did the following:
Sunday - 21.1k
Wednesday - Rapaki (oh the pain)
Thursday - 45 mins Fartleks (you are going to have to be very creative to come up with a fartlek joke I haven't made yet).
And...tomorrow I shall run again before the next big kahuna Sunday - you are likely to hear about that next week.

Running lessons learnt this week:
An incredible sunrise makes it worth it:

Shin splints hurt
Ice and wrapping help a lot
Fartlek means "speed play", For playing it is not very fun...painful would be more the word.

It was a good running week. I feel rested and ready for a big one. I am greatly fearing the Abel Tasman Coastal Classic whilst simultaneously greatly looking forward to it.

In other news...
1) Got to go home from work 3 hours early yesterday because Lyttelton had no power...wohoo.

2) Took the day off today and went to hanmer...ahhhh goodness

3) I am going to try to make a dress out of a vintage pillow case for my niece's on that shortly.

OH AND... I found the Amy Butler pattern I Hanmer. So cool. Wai Ariki farm park... and she will even post them to you...

Leaving you...with great guilt at making you read about running.


  1. Hey if you post pictures of places that I will never see again, I'll be overjoyed!

  2. I must be sick, because I actually enjoy the running talk. Even though I barely participate in the activity myself these days.

    21.1k is probably the total of what I would run in a hard week. Not an easy week. And especially not a day.

    I envy your dedication. And admire it something wicked!