Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking Submissions (Like a true bureaucrat)

This picture is DISGUSTING:So awesomely disgusting. What is more disgusting? That these blighters...well similar blighters are living inside me. Not for long. They are gallstones by the way. Anyway...I was just looking for an excuse to GROSS YOU ALL OUT.

Here is the submission topic...when I first cultivated these babies the pain was very bad (but that part is boring). Then, the last six months it has gotten much better. These times I am quite happy to refer to as gallstone ATTACKS but now when the pain comes it is (according to the specialist temporarily) not that bad. When they thought I had a stomach ulcer I could refer to these pains as heartburn...not too dramatic. Now what am I supposed to say? I can't say ooh I have a wee bit of gallstone attack. Too dramatic.

So...I need a new term. Gallstone scalding, gallstone rumble, gallstone foottrip, gallstone fisticuffs. I think the current winner is gallstone SCUFFLE but we can work further on this. 

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